World Challenge expedition to Nepal, 16 April - 2 May 2017

The World Challenge expedition to Nepal in the April holidays brought girls together from Forms II, III and IV. They had to manage their travel and food budgets, book transport and accommodation, and navigate their way around culturally diverse and unknown places. We landed in Kathmandu, and then travelled to Pokhara by bus to embark on a five-day trek in the Himalayas, summitting Poon Hill. We stayed in tents and teahouses.

We then travelled on to Palpa, where we performed three days of community service at a rural school. We built a wall, and painted the school entrance gate and a classroom. The girls had done fundraising before going to Nepal and were able to donate $800 to the Palpa Trust, for whom we were working.

We also had an afternoon of white-water rafting, and soaked up the culture in both Pokhara and Kathmandu. I thank the 14 girls for how well they conducted themselves, and for how hard they toiled on both the trek and at the community service project. I also thank Tinhiko Nkuna for supporting me on the trip, and for her friendship and courage.

Melanie Blair

World challenge expedition co-ordinator

The girls who experienced the World Challenge expedition to Nepal
At Poon Hill
At Palpa, doing community service



Community service at a rural school