Sport assisting girls to follow their dreams

Amber Penney

Amber Penney, who matriculated in 2015 and had a Sports Honours blazer for water polo, has been offered a full academic and sporting scholarship to Fresno Pacific University, Fresno, California. She spent 2016 at UCT and left for Fresno Pacific on 17 January where she will spend a semester in her new country before deciding on whether she will take up her scholarship. She is studying a Business degree with Psychology.









Hannah Pearce

Hannah Pearce, who also matriculated at the end of 2016, has accepted a scholarship at Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts. Hannah will take up her scholarship in September at the beginning of the academic year. She will be studying a degree in special needs education, hoping to specialize in occupational therapy, speech therapy or psychology. In the meantime, she is upskilling herself with various courses here in South Africa, playing hockey as well as coaching some hockey and basketball at St Mary’s.









Tayla-May Bentley

Tayla-May Bentley, who matriculated in 2015 with a Sports Honours blazer for rowing, left for Michigan State University last August. She started in the Literature Science and Arts school as she was unsure of her chosen field of study. She is already in her second semester and studying a broad variety of subjects. She has now decided that she wants to study Sport Management and will be applying to transfer into the school of Kinesiology next year. She is doing well but finding the training tough as, owing to the cold, they most of the time on the ergo machine and in the gym from the end of October.









Megan de Lange

Megan de Lange, who matriculated at the end of 2016, has already taken up her full scholarship, which is part academic and part hockey, at Monmouth University, West Long Beach, New Jersey. She is studying a Health Sciences major, which is a four-year degree after which she will hopefully specialize in medicine, physiotherapy or veterinary science. Megan says that the hockey training is tough and that fitness is key.









Imaan Hassim

Imaan Hassim, who also matriculated in 2016 with a Sports Honours blazer for tennis, left for Youngstown State University on 4 January. The University in Ohio offered Imaan a full scholarship based on her excellent results against top ranked ITF players. She is currently playing number four for the team in singles and is playing as a member of the number two doubles couple. Imaan and her partner from Mexico are currently undefeated in the doubles. The other players from her team are from Slovakia, Canada, Romania, Serbia and Australia. Imaan is so pleased that the colours of Youngstown are also red like St Mary’s. Imaan is studying pre-med and hopes to pursue medicine as a career if she does not make it on to the professional tennis circuit.