Public speaking

The St Mary’s public speaking girls enjoyed a most successful speech festival. The Speech and Drama College (SA) hosted its annual competition, the High Schools’ Public Speaking Festival, where the teams accrued excellent results, making St Mary’s the runner-up in the overall team results. In the impromptu section, St Mary’s also achieved the runner-up position in the festival. The pinnacle of the competition was the trophy team section. The team consisting of Shreya Dharmalingham, Tarya Pillay and Keara Martino selected the quotation, “Now I will believe that there are unicorns” (Sebastian in The Tempest). They achieved an outstanding result and were selected as one of three finalists in this section, before going on to win the competition. This is a wonderful achievement for the school and for public speaking. Well done to all the girls who spoke at the festival.

Janet Milasinovich

Public speaking coordinator 

Our congratulations are extended to the trophy team comprising Shreya Dharmalingam, Keara Martino and Tarya Pillay for winning the finals of the Speech and Drama High Schools’ Public Speaking Festival
Individual speaker: Alexandra Shtein
Impromptu team: Kaylyn Taljaard, Georgina Roy, Emma Quiding Not in picture: Juliet Sellers
Prepared team: Josephine Bezuidenhoudt, Katherine Coetzer, Theonichia Gewers, Meg Lendrum