Next Biosciences laboratory trip

Six Form IV girls recently spent a day at the Next Biosciences Laboratory. We were joined by two girls from England, a girl from Ireland and a boy from Durban. The day began with presentations on the future of medicine and where medicine is today. This was followed by an insightful talk into the role that Next Biosciences plays in biotechnology and genetics. Emphasis was placed on the importance of developing new technologies. Towards the end of the day, we had to form an argument based on a topic that we were given and, helped by the staff who had talked to us throughout the day, were expected to use what we had learnt to formulate our argument. Our allocated topic was embryonic stem cell research and it forced everyone to debate the pros and cons of scientic research. We ended our day with a tour of their laboratories and enjoyed watching a technician process blood and cells. It was a wonderful experience.

Meg Lendrum Form IV