Message from the head of school - 1 March 2018

St Mary’s has been a hive of activity over the past weeks.

The Form IV girls, under the guidance of Mrs Northmore, conceptualized and presented an exquisite matric dance with the theme Quartz of Roses for our matrics. The matric girls and their partners danced the evening away in a spirit of fun and great elegance.

Our girls have participated in numerous sporting, cultural and service activities that are recorded in this newsletter. Their success is as a result of discipline, hard work, perseverance and support from family and the school. When parents and schools share the same vision, together with mutual respect and trust, our children reap the rewards.

I should like to reflect on the individuals who form the group that I refer to as the school. They are the teachers and coaches who dedicate themselves to developing the girls in their care. These individuals are passionate about their vocation and their area of expertise; their own professional development remains a priority; they share their knowledge and skills with others through professional interaction at conferences and meetings; they believe in the potential of the young people with whom they interact; they stretch themselves to offer opportunities for all our girls; they have high expectations and are committed to maintaining standards of excellence. Their working hours are long and all-consuming.

The St Mary’s girls are the focus of all our efforts and they are the ones whom we want to celebrate and praise, however, it is worth remembering the teachers and coaches who work with the girls, as their enthusiasm and motivation is often the key factor in our school’s success. Relationships between pupils and teachers and coaches and players are often complex, but they can also be the inspiration that forever determines an individual’s choices and goals.

I want to thank the St Mary’s staff for their dedication to creating a dynamic, rigorous and rich experience for the girls at St Mary’s School.

Deanne King

Head of School