Meet the Board

Graeme Codrington is an author, futurist and business strategy consultant. His work involves understanding disruptive change and helping organisations and individuals prepare for the workplace of the future. He has been a member of the St Mary’s Board for more than 10 years and has helped shape the thinking of the Board in the areas of technology, future trends and innovation.

Graeme has been married to Jane for 27 years and they have three daughters. Amy matriculated from St Mary’s in 2017 and Hannah is going into matric in 2019. Their youngest daughter, Rebecca, attends Star Academy, across the road from the school. Amy and Hannah both attended St Mary’s from Little Saints, with a five-year break when the family moved to London to establish Graeme’s business there in 2008.

As CEO of strategic insights firm, TomorrowToday Global, a company he co-founded nearly 20 years ago, Graeme travels to about 20 countries every year working with the leaders of some of the world’s most well known companies. He is one of South Africa’s best-selling authors, probably best known for Mind the Gap, which he co-authored with St Mary’s Old Girl, Sue Grant-Marshall. He contributes regularly to various publications and is a prolific political and social commentator.