Meet The Board

Thandi Chaane

Thandi Chaane comes from a family of teachers and was a teacher herself for 10 years before moving to the South African Council of Churches in 1976 with a focus on transformation. She was the co-founder of Read Education and Development, a literacy programme that was the first in the country to introduce libraries into schools throughout the country.

Her extensive knowledge of teaching reading and managing libraries made Thandi an ideal shareholder of Juta publishers.

As an ex-director of the Education Information Centre, she was a pioneer of career guidance in schools and it was here that her love for human resources began.

Thandi became the first woman deputy director-general of education in the Gauteng government. She was involved in transforming education policies from the apartheid era to the new dispensation.

She was head-hunted by the MultiChoice Africa Foundation as chief executive officer and co-founded the first teacher-training model on television using cutting-edge technology. This led to a turnaround in her career where Thandi felt the need to go into business on her own and she is now the owner of The Human Capital Engine, a transformation, diversity- management, human capital-training company.

Thandi is currently helping woman from rural areas break into the property and farming industries, by being their “voice”.

Thandi taught for 12 years in senior schools in Soweto and she was part of the 1976 mass resignation of teachers in protest against the education system of the time. She has trained and worked with independent schools such as St Mary’s, Uplands College, St Peter’s College, The Ridge and many others on managing diversity. She is also doing this work for blue-chip companies as a consultant.

Thandi has been appointed chairperson of the Primovie Management transformation committee, formed as part of the company’s commitment to creating opportunities to promote, advance and recruit previously disadvantaged individuals. She was previously a non-executive director on the Primovie Board.

She is also chair of the Board of M&C Saatchi Abel and transformation manager for AAM geospacial services company.

Thandi recently concluded a deal with WE Communications enabling the formation of a trust to benefit the St Mary’s School Foundation to assist girls studying for a teaching degree, and she is working with rural schools in KwaZulu-Natal and elsewhere on the continent to assist vulnerable children.

This year, she is working with 74 schools in the CURRO independent schools network to manage diversity and transformation.

Thandi has watched the leadership and transformation of St Mary’s over the past 20 years and is proud to be part of it.