Grahamstown festival

Leaving our parents and boarding the plane was exciting - we were about to enter a world of art, craft, dancing, acting and drama. We stayed at St Andrew’s Prep in a large dorm all together.

Our days were filled with fabulous shows which included a magic show, a dancing show, comedy, drama and many others genres many of us had never been exposed to before. Each show was different and even though a few stood out more than others - each and every one was memorable.

We also did lots of workshops. We learnt how to craft leather, make chocolate, weave baskets and other fun and crafty activities. Our theme for the week was France and we had many interesting talks about French modern artist, Henri Matisse. We also received beret’s and scarves, donated by Standard Bank. Did you know that later in Matisse’s life he couldn't paint anymore and was forced to cut out shapes and get people to arrange these onto canvases. This is where the picture of the snail comes from.

Not only did we do arts, but we also learnt to gumboot dance and do physical theatre. One group even did gumboot dancing for the talent show.

We met three other schools on our trip: boys from Selborne Prep, and girls from St Mary's DSG and Claredon Prep. Lots of us made special bonds with new friends.

We ended our exciting week with a talent show - most of us took part, with many deciding to do a skit right before they had to do it. We had plays, dancing, singing and some other things we don't have to talk about!

The Grahamstown Children's Art Festival was something none of us will forget!

Thank-you to everyone who organised it - our facilitators Megan and Pito, Mrs Richmond, Miss Thindisa and Mrs Gibbons.

Esmé Thornhill-Davis and Michela Di Benedetto
Grade 7