Grade 7 tour to Dimalachite

The Grade 7 girls enjoyed a wonderful camp at Dimalachite.

So why do we send girls on camp?

The benefits of camps are numerous:

Camps allow the teachers to see the girls in a different light – the studious girl may suddenly become the boisterous one or the quiet, reserved girl becomes the one who confidently shows others how to rock climb. A varied outdoor educational programme allows a break from categorisation. Girls get to know their teachers and the teachers are provided with the opportunity to learn more about the girls in their care. 

The outdoor experience is structured to encourage the girls to take risks and face challenges. There is opportunity for personal growth as activities boost independence and decision making. There are opportunities to form new friendships and several social circumstances present themselves. Socialising in a new and neutral environment makes it easier for some girls to reach out to others and they learn to rely on one another. 

Camps foster teamwork and the activities often result in an appreciation of each other’s efforts. The demands encourage resilience and several leadership skills are nurtured. The girls realise that being the sportiest or loudest does not necessarily result in the most successful outcome for the group, and they learn that collaborative and creative thinking often leads to finding solutions.

Being busy outdoors forces the girls to communicate and socialize without the influence of electronics. Time away from the city allows for an appreciation of nature as well as physical activity. The days and nights spent away from home may provide the time for reflection on family values and they hopefully allow the girls the time to be grateful for all they have in their particular environments. Last but not least, camps provide fun experiences! 

Mrs D Gordon

Acting headmistress – Junior School