Geography girls enjoy the urban jungle!

The matric Geography girls have had a busy term, with two highlights being a dinner and talk at St John’s College, and their Maboneng Urban Trail.

The evening function at St John’s impressed the girls with what one described as “matric dance-style decor”, while providing a fascinating set of talks at the same time. Issues around urban architecture and regeneration, as well as a discussion about mapping systems and using GIS to plan urban developments, were held and the St Mary’s girls impressed the speaker with their excellent questions and understanding of urban city planning. The evening was a chance to learn as well as mingle and have fun, as many other girls’ and boys’ schools were present. Many thanks to St John’s for an excellent evening.

The Geography Urban Trail is an opportunity for the matric Geography students to experience Johannesburg’s buzzing inner city and surrounding precincts, on foot, while learning about how the city has evolved and continues to evolve. This forms part of their matric settlement curriculum and the city provides an interesting example of how urban regeneration can sow the seeds for the successful turnaround of neglected urban spaces. The girls enjoyed an excellent tour given by Jo Buitendach, whose company P.A.S.T. Experiences specialises in the regeneration and gentrication of the Johannesburg inner city area. The opportunity to learn about both the past and present from the top of the Carlton Centre to the hot spot of Maboneng was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Megan Devine HOD: Geography


The girls enjoying lunch at The Canteen in Maboneng
At the top of the Carlton Centre