From the Geography department

On Monday 11 February, the Form V Geography girls and Mrs Devine ventured out of the classroom and into the busy streets of Johannesburg to learn about urban settlement in a more interactive way.

Our first stop was Victoria Yards, an old dry-cleaning factory that has been renewed into a busy hangout spot for the Joburg community. We were given an opportunity to explore the grounds, looking at the different ways the place has uplifted the surrounding community through well-maintained vegetable patches, hydroponic fish ponds, and stores for entrepreneurs to sell their wares.

Next, we visited the Carlton Centre, the tallest building in Africa. From the 50th floor, we had a spectacular view of the entire city. It was up here where what we learnt in the classroom became clearer. We could see the grid-iron street patterns of the CBD, the mine dumps which now work as buffer zones, and the rapid urban sprawl the city is experiencing.

Lastly, we stopped by the SAB World of Beer where we went on a tour of the process of how beer is made. The objective of this stop was to learn about the hops plant and its functions in beer: bittering, flavouring, and stabilising the beer. This was beneficial as our case study for the year is the hops plant.

We drove past many interesting suburbs and streets, getting a closer look at urban greening, the Rea Vaya buses, hijacked buildings, and the rising business district of Rosebank. The trip was spectacular, but it would not have been the same without all the laughter and stories shared.

Ashleigh Mulder
Form V

SAB World of Beer
Victoria Yards
Public speaking matric girls