Form II Amazing Race




















On Tuesday 26 March, the level of excitement was tangible as 16 Japanese rugby teams (St Mary’s girls) embarked on the annual “Amazing Race”. The Form II Geography classes have been studying a section on world geography with a specific focus on Japan’s demographic trends, economic status, climatic data and natural disasters. The choice of Japan was also in part to create an awareness of the country which will be hosting the Rugby World Cup in September and the Summer Olympic Games in 2020. The thinking behind this activity was to keep the girls engaged in challenges, while drawing from a multiple set of mapwork and graphicacy skills to aid and accelerate the learning process. A spirit of friendly competition, collaboration and effort were at the forefront as each team decided on which route to pursue.

The girls interacted with a world culture as challenges included performing a Japanese kung fu dance, basic karate moves, creating an origami koi fish, dressing a geisha in a kimono and applying
the make-up, sumo wrestling and making onigiri and wagashi. The challenges entailed the use of iPads and phones as various Google apps were required to complete the race. Google Earth allowed the girls to appreciate the metropolis of Tokyo. Each team had to upload a video of its race on to the Form II Geography Google classroom. Gauging from the favourable feedback received, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the educational value of this experience. Congratulations to the Toyota Shuttles team on winning this race in record time.

Cindy Len
Geography teacher