Form 1 Picnic in the park

The soggy start to March subsided just in time for the annual Form I Picnic in the Park.

The aim of the picnic is to coax the girls into the library to select a title from the wonderful array of teen novels. Mrs Douglas set out a dream selection, encompassing several genres, which the girls eagerly browsed. The girls came to school dressed in picnic outts, which included a sunhat, sunglasses and slops. A book and iPad bag were presented to the best-dressed picnicker in each class. Delicious picnic fare was safely stored in the library kitchen until each class’s lesson. Slices of succulent watermelon were devoured along with brownies, burgers and bite-sized treats.

It was a memorable day that helped to highlight the pleasure associated with reading.

Jessica Bucher and Belinda Williams Form 1 Reading programme teachers