St Mary’s is establishing a proud tradition of striving for excellence in equestrian sport. This year, we started the season with a Senior School team of 10 riders. The first of the four Johannesburg Sanesa inter- schools’ qualifiers was held on the weekend of 17 to 18 February at Eaton Farm, Midrand. Many thanks to Ms Wood for coming to support. I was very proud of how our riders performed despite the rough going in some arenas, which resulted in slips and falls, as well as clashes between classes. The second qualifier will follow on 17 to 18 March. If there is anyone who is interested in joining the team please can you contact either India Wagg or Lia Wheeler.

The top five results from Qualifier 1 are as follows:

Level 1
Equitation: Hannah Sherman joint 3rd
In-hand Utility: Erin Pullinger 4th
Working Hunter: Erin Pullinger 3rd

Level 2
Dressage: Nicola Douglas 2nd and 3rd, Lia Wheeler 3rd and 2nd

Level 3
Dressage: Nicola Berlin 5th

In Hand Utility: Hannah Sherman 2nd
Working Riding: Hannah Sherman 3rd, Erin Pullinger 5th

Level 5
Dressage: India Wagg 3rd and 5th
Dressage Freestyle: India Wagg 2nd
Performance Riding: Nicola Douglas 1st

Level 6
Dressage: Lia Wheeler 1st and 1st
Prix Caprilli: India Wagg 1st

Level 7
Performance Riding: Nicola Berlin 1st, Lia Wheeler 2nd, India Wagg 3rd
Show Jumping: India Wagg 2nd and 3rd
Working Hunter: India Wagg 3rd
Working Riding: Lia Wheeler 2nd, Nicola Berlin 3rd

Captain: Lia Wheeler