Despite the short basketball season, our girls trained hard this term and their improvement was visible. The coaches did an outstanding job and we thank them for their continued support and interest.

Our last two rounds of fixtures were against Pretoria High School for Girls and Crawford Lonehill and Saheti respectively. Our teams were outplayed by Pretoria, whose players were very well equipped and had noticeable depth.

Our U15 team played a once-off fixture against Crawford Lonehill. Although the match was closely contended, our girls did well to win in the end. Our teams were more competitive against Saheti. The junior team lost narrowly and the 1st team won 36–6.

The junior inter-house competition provided great excitement for our players. The girls used the opportunity to display all the skills they have learnt this term and this resulted in some impressive performances on the day.

Clayton won the competition convincingly, Phelps finished second and Karney and Furse finished third and fourth respectively. Thank you to the players for their enthusiasm and to the senior girls for efficiently organising their teams and helping on the day.

We look forward to an exciting 2019 season. All interested players, both old and new, are encouraged to join us!

Taryn De Winnaar

Head of Basketball