Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School Tournament. The 1st basketball team played in the Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High Tournament from 3 to 5 August. The team was excited and well prepared after a successful season at the beginning of the year and they were looking forward to the challenge of playing against other top schools from around the country.

Our girls went on to win all their pool games. This included positive results against The Wykeham Collegiate, St Anne’s, Carter High School, The Glen and St John’s which secured us a semi-final against The Heritage School from Zimbabwe. They were tough opposition but our girls played exceptionally well and went on to win 34-24.

We played against Lereko Secondary School, from Bloemfontein, in the final. Lereko are a very smart and capable team and they outplayed us. Our girls did their very best, but Lereko were well-deserved winners in the end.

All in all, we had a successful weekend away.

This was the last school fixture for the matrics in our team and their contributions have been invaluable. They have led by example. The team as a whole displayed exemplary behaviour off the court and they had great fun together. We were very happy with our results and we look forward to an exciting season this term.

Fixtures against Michael Mount – 12 September Our U14, U16 and 1st teams played against Michael Mount in the first round of fixtures this season. The junior teams lost their matches against very well equipped and physical opposition. The 1st team match was extremely exciting. Michael Mount took an early lead but our girls remained composed and consistent throughout the match and went on to win 21-18.

St Peter’s Tournament. A new look 1st team played in the St Peter’s Tournament from 14 to 16 September. We played seven pool matches, winning five and losing two.

These results secured us a place in the quarterfinals where we played a physically dominant team from the Dominican Convent School. The match could have gone either way but our team held on to win by one point in the end. We then came up against Norkem in the semi - finals. They are an excellent basketball team and were well - deserved winners in the end.

Our girls played well throughout the weekend. We had to work hard for each win, making the semi – finals was an achievement in itself. We would like to commend the players, especially the new ones, on creating a good team attitude and having a willingness to fight to the end. Many valuable lessons were learnt, experience was gained and much fun was had.

Taryn de Winnaar

Head of basketball

Team with medals and trophy
Team with Shekinah
1st team - St Peter’s Tournament