In the final fixture of the season, our teams played against Sacred Heart College.

While our U14 teams are still learning and adjusting to a new sport, there was evidence of improvement, especially in their defensive and offensive structures. With continued exposure and more playing time, the girls will achieve even better results.

The U15 girls have played consistently, ending the season unbeaten. They have played structured, disciplined basketball regardless of their opposition and we commend them on this. This age group has shown great potential, which is very exciting for the future of basketball at St Mary’s.

Although our U16 girls did not play against Sacred Heart College, they have also had a successful season. There are many exciting players in this age group and we look forward to seeing them progress in the future.

The senior age group has been a pleasure to work with. Although the 2nd team did not have many matches, the players have remained committed, enthusiastic and they have continued to work hard.

The first team have had an outstanding season. Their commitment, energy and willingness to improve resulted in their ending the season unbeaten. We are incredibly proud of their efforts!

Taryn De Winnaar

Head of Basketball