Basketball - 16 February 2018

In the first week of February, our basketball teams played against Michael Mount Waldorf School and recorded some excellent results:

  • 1st team won 18-10
  • U16 A won 14-4
  • U15 won 12-10
  • U14 lost 0-12

We played basketball against St Peter’s College on 7 February and the results were as follows:

  • 1st team won 33-16
  • 2nd team won 16-6
  • U16 A won 13-2
  • U15 A won 10-6
  • U14 A lost 4-6
  • U14 B won 6-2

The 1st team match was definitely the match of the day. It was intense and highly competitive, with both teams desperate for the win. After the first quarter the scores were still relatively even and the match could have gone either way. Despite the increasing pressure, our girls were able to regroup and refocus and, ultimately, play a brand of basketball that secured the win.

The excitement around basketball is increasing and, as a result, we have been able to field more teams.

Taryn De Winaar

Head of basketball


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