St Mary's Investec Hockey Festival

April 13, 2018
It is difficult to believe that the event which has been a year in planning, is already over. The partnership with our major sponsor,…


April 13, 2018
Jade Neser, Hannah Jacobs and Emma Franck spent a week swimming in Durban at the South African Junior National Championships. The next…

Mothers' Day service

May 23, 2016
We had a wonderful day celebrating our special mothers, aunts and grandmothers.…
St Mary's School

Message from the chaplain - 20 May 2016

May 20, 2016 | Claudia Coustas | Chaplain's message
The Sunday gone by was Pentecost Sunday – the day the Holy Spirit first inspired the disciples to speak to a diverse crowd about Jesus…

Orange River experience

May 13, 2016
During the recent April school holidays, a group of adventurous geographers and budding scientists, accompanied by two teachers, went on the…
St Mary's School

Message from the chaplain - 13 May 2016

May 13, 2016 | Claudia Coustas - StMary's chaplain | Chaplain's message
Sunday 15 May – Pentecost – is a significant day in the life of the Christian community. This day marks 50 days after Easter, when the…

Senior Primary collaborative research week

April 08, 2016
The collaborative research week was an accumulation of a number of Monday afternoon discussions by groups of teachers and then input from the…

Senior Primary collaborative research week - Flames for the future, rings of the past

April 08, 2016
Our group had a wonderful week exploring many aspects of the Olympic games. We transformed the STEAM hub into a museum — a visual display…

Senior Primary collaborative research week - Human sports machines

April 08, 2016
During the collaborative week, the girls investigated the physical and emotional wellbeing of athletes as well as various other aspects…

Senior Primary collaborative research week - Tell the world

April 08, 2016
The girls who chose to be part of this group were tasked with the challenge of marketing an Olympic games.…

Senior Primary collaborative research week - City of champions

April 08, 2016
Day one started with a visit to the Wanderers Stadium to give the girls an insight into the design of a stadium and the various areas that…

Singing Sistas - Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 April

April 06, 2016
St Mary’s School, Waverley presents Singing Sistas”…
St Mary's School