To apply to St Mary's, you need to download the application form, fill it in, and email, fax , post or drop off the necessary documents at St Mary’s.

Please note that no application will be registered without a fee of R350, which must accompany this form. This administration fee is non-refundable.

Attached to this application form, please also include a copy of both parents’/ guardians’ IDs, daughter’s birth certificate and her latest school report.

Download the Application form

To apply for boarding, please download the St Mary's School boarding application form below:

Download the  St Mary's boarding application form

Conditions of admission

Please download the linked document below, which outlines the St Mary’s School Conditions of Admission. This will need to be signed once you have been offered a place for your daughter.

In these Conditions of Admission, “parent” includes the legal guardian and any signatory of this form.

  1. St Mary's School is a church school of the Anglican Church of South Africa. Pupils at St Mary's must attend all assemblies and chapel services, wherever they may be held. No pupils will be compelled to take part in practices not appropriate to their own beliefs but pupils must attend all these events and behave in a respectful and reverent manner.

  2. The parent agrees to adhere to the decisions of the head of school in all matters relating to school organisation and discipline. These matters include, but are not limited to, attendance at and participation in curricular, and co-curricular activities and functions, adherence to dress and uniform codes and conduct generally. Pupils of St Mary's must behave in a manner which does not bring either themselves or the name of the school into disrepute. The head of school reserves the right to punish pupils for misbehaviour both in school and out of school. This may include suspension. The head of school may require parents to withdraw their daughter, in cases of serious or repeated misconduct, or if, in the heads' opinion, it is in the interests of the school. Parents also are required to respect the ethos of the school and uphold its values as described in the various policies and codes which appear on the school website as amended from time to time.

  3. Smoking and the drinking of, trafficking in or use of alcohol or drugs are forbidden. Any breach of this rule will be regarded as a very serious offence and could lead to the parents being required to withdraw their daughter from the school.

  4. St Mary's School considers itself a family in which all members support one another. No form of bullying is tolerated.

  5. When a pupil is absent through illness, the parent shall inform the school by telephone. A formal letter from the parent to the pupil's mentor*/class teacher must be presented on her return to school. *Senior School only
    If a pupil is absent for more than three days, a doctor's certificate is required.

  6.  Prior permission for absence during the school term for reasons other than illness must be obtained from the head of school.

  7. During the year there are several compulsory functions and activities. These take preference over home or other personal or family activities.

  8. Upon acceptance of a pupil and prior to admission, the parents shall pay an advance payment of an amount laid down by the Board from time to time. The advance payments will be increased in January of each year, such that the equivalent of one term’s current fee is held. This advance payment is to secure a place in the school, as against other potential applicants on the waiting list for the purposes set out in what follows. The amount so paid is not refundable unless written notice is received by the school at least one full term before the place is due to be taken up, in which case half of the amount will be refunded. Advance payments will be held in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, 2008 and all interest or other income therefrom will accrue to the school. The advance payment will be refunded, without interest, when a pupil matriculates or leaves the school. Advance payments may not be offset against amounts reflected as due on pupil statements and will only be refunded when the school receives payment of its final account. The school shall be entitled, in its sole discretion, to allocate the advance payment or any  portion thereof towards payment of any amounts due to the school by the parent from whatever cause arising at whatsoever time. 

  9. The parent shall pay in advance and no later than the first day of each term, the tuition fees and other charges laid down by the Board from time to time. Other charges incurred are due and payable after the rendering of an account. These charges may be for extras arranged or supplied with the consent of the parents or for extras which, in the opinion of the head of school, are necessary for the pupil.

  10. The school will be entitled to charge interest from the due date for payment on all overdue accounts at a rate of 2% per month. In the event of accounts being unpaid on the last day of term, the pupil will not be permitted to return to the school at the beginning of the following term.

  11. The parent agrees to give one full term's notice in writing before withdrawing the pupil from the school, such notice to reach the head of school before the first day of the term at the end of which such withdrawal is to take place. If the parent fails to give such notice, the parent shall be liable  for payment in full of the fees for the term whether the pupil attends or not.

  12. The parent shall not be entitled to any rebate of fees if the pupil is absent for any portion of any term owing to illness or any other cause. In the event of a pupil leaving the school during a term, for any reason whatever and the parent failing to give notice as required in (11) above, the full term's fees shall be payable and no refund of fees already paid for that term shall be claimable. 

  13. The school shall be entitled to instruct its attorneys or debt collectors to attend to the collection of any overdue accounts and the parent shall be liable for payment of costs so incurred, on the scale as between attorney and own client, including collection commission, whether legal proceedings are instituted or not.

  14. The school reserves the right to vary these conditions including the tuition fees and other charges from time to time, in its entire discretion after giving one term's notice of its intention to do so. Failure by the school to enforce any of these conditions shall not constitute a waiver of the school’s rights.

  15. The liability of persons signing this form under these terms and conditions is joint and several, the one paying the other to be absolved.

  16. The parent consents to the school disseminating their names and contact details only to other parents, staff or responsible persons engaged or authorised by the school for school-related purposes, unless at any time they instruct the school in writing to the contrary. 

  17. The parent consents to the school including photographs, with or without the name of the pupil, in publications, in press releases, on the school's website, and/or social media platforms to celebrate the school's or the pupil's activities, achievements or successes. 

  18. The parent agrees that the school may make such enquiries into their credit worthiness as it considers necessary through the parents' banks, any institution doing credit verification or the school the pupil currently attends.

Download the conditions of admission